You cannot finish what you never started.


It all starts with a desire. Most times our desires usually don’t meet up with our expectations because our preparation is not good enough. Wondering what I meant by “our desires”?

Most of us desire to be great entrepreneurs who owns various businesses and are in charge of large group of bodies but have zero to little capacity to carry on this task. The truth is that the capacity you carry together with the knowledge you’ve added plus the experience you have will determine to a great extent the fulfillment of your business dream.

One Major skill needed by an Entrepreneur, which must be developed is the Leadership quality. An excellent Leader makes a great company. Most people Planning to get started in their Careers are not Leaders but a boss. some differences that exists between them are;

A boss drives employees while a leader coaches them; A boss uses people while a leader develops people; A boss takes credit while a leader gives credit; A boss commands while a Leader asks.

Until we recognize that as entrepreneurs, Leadership is a major quality that must be developed, Then there is no way we would get ahead.

There was a story of a man who worked in shell for over 10 years and then got sacked. He was so sad and confused. He was given a payoff of N30 million.  He then decided never to work for anyone again but setup his own business. He invested in Agriculture but lost all of his money and was even in debt.

So, Getting started, Staying in to get ahead involves some secrets which lies in some major entrepreneurial Values which includes;

Bravery,Vision, Respect for self and others, Trust,Honesty,Generosity and the most valuable is his or her reputation. i.e to loose credibility.

It will be reasonable to say that the secret of getting ahead is getting started- Agatha. You cannot finish what you never started.

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