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As soon as we enter the final year of our graduation our main focus is to find a suitable job. A job which not only satisfies our academic qualification but also fulfills our material needs. But there are some of us who don’t believe in this mass imitation. They don’t believe in serving just for a particular organization instead they aim for a bigger platform. They don’t just focus on self-growth, they want the growth of whole society. Instead of following others they prefer to go on the road less travelled.


One such person is Chandra Prakash Singh. He and his friends have decided to start a new venture on dairy farming. They belong to Ranchi and with a vision to develop their motherland they have initiated such a project. The initial produce is 250 ltr/day with 30 cattle but with the support of Allahabad bank, Hatia branch they dream of increasing the output. Their main aim is to produce quality product which satisfies customer needs. Moreover they are aware of the problem of deficiency of milk and milk products in their region. So to curb it they have in started such an initiative. They have named their company as Youth India Dairy Pvt. Ltd. This new venture also aims to provide jobs for the needy people. With the advent of new technology we need educated people to enter such markets which require a new revolution. One such is the dairy farming market. Today also people carry outdated techniques. Thus they not only lack in production but also quality. By introducing new techniques this industry can grow quantitatively as well as qualitatively. With such thoughts in mind Chandra Prakash and his friends are entering this industry to bring change. They aim for society welfare by providing educating funds. The region to which they belong requires a lot of development. So they want to contribute in their own small yet effective way.


Our society require such people who not only think but act in such a way that gives a new direction to our society. I hope their small initiative provides inspiration to many more such projects which bring a revolution which our country needs desperately.


Malvika Mittal

Thapar University,Patiala


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