Zainee Creations – hobby into a business at age 19 by Miss Zainab Vohra



“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

                                — Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi.

True, isn’t it! A mind capable of analyzing & implementing  this fact can acquire the key of the treasure chest of life. This treasure is ‘The 3’S of Life’

Stability, Success & Satisfaction.

When this 3 Million dollar words revolve in my mind, all what I visualize is Hobby or Pastime which have always been the most satisfying radiant of one’s life. Be it art or music, drama or photography it is there where the state of peaceful mind lies.

When such hobby is converted to business, it can do wonders & this fact is proved in all ages. The 3 fundaments of such a business are:

  1. Low Risk.
  2. Low Investment.
  3. Long Term Profit.


But, more than this the primacy of such business is – I would rather quote it in the words of Great Confucius, “Choose a job you love & you will never have to work a day in your life”. It is quite self-explanatory, Right?


“Zainee Creations” is one of such venture. “Zainee Creations” is a sole trading concern completely owned by “Ms. Zainab Khuzema Vohra” dealing in Exclusive Glass Paintings, Fancy Envelopes, Greeting Cards, and Gift Wrappings etc.

 “Ms. Zainab Khuzema Vohra” is barely a 19 yrs old girl, pursuing her 2nd yr of graduation (SYBMS, Royal College). Art & Design has always been of prime importance which she has gained inheritance from her proud parents – “Mr. Khuzema Kikabhai Vohra” (Dad) & “Mrs. Rumana Khuzema Vohra” (Mom). Born & Brought up in such a creative environment has made art not mere her hobby but her passion. She has attained knowledge & gained experience of all major & minor tactics of art at a very tender age.

One bright day – “Feb, 2008”, she named her creativity & presented it before the world as, “Zainee Creations” –

Zainee   : Zainab is popularly known as Zainee among her family, friends & relatives.

Creation: Is her creativity which she is fond of.

Zainab says, “My family members has been the sole inspiration behind the setting up of  “Zainee Creations”.  I am highly obliged to my dad for praising every of my creation & being the most motivational head. My mom for curbing my laziness & charging me up as well as getting me out of every dilemma & of course my cute lil bro for his crazy ideas & honest feedback.”

Zainab believes, “India is a land of creativity. It is here, where dwells immense artistic creations in varied forms. With this developing era our creativity is in peak demand in international market, but our own people seem to have forgotten its importance. Their lust for technically advanced items is growing whereas love for our very own creativity is diminishing. “Zainee Creations” is my very small attempt to give back a life of the handmade art. ”

The vision statement of “Zainee Creations”  is, “To offer the best at the lowest possible cost without compromising on quality aspect; develop love of what human hands can do (all around the globe).

As “Zainee Creation” operates on a very small level, its initial investment is very negligible. It compiles of :



Printing of  Visiting Cards

Rs 400/-

Long term assets (Tools & Equipment’s)

Rs 1000/-

Catalogue & Sample Model

Rs 3000/-










Working Capital includes raw materials purchases made as & when required. Cost incurred on marketing is extremely minimal. It includes cost of visiting cards & pamphlets. Major marketing practice is via social networking sites & mouth publicity as well which is totally cost free.

Further moving to the pricing strategy, it involves cost of raw materials, depreciation on tools & equipment’s & negligible profit margin added to it. (A standard profit margin of Rs10-15 is maintained in general cases.)

Following is the price list along with models,



Rs 25/- per piece

Rs 50/- Left side (Plain Paint)

Rs 85/- Both middle (Silver Foil Covering)

Rs 130/- Right side (Paint with Carving)


Lamasa Pen Holder Rs 60/-

Lamasa Key Holder Rs 100/-



Hard Paper Designer Frame

Rs 200/-

Simple Floral Frame Rs 80/-


Heavy Designed Frame Rs 150/-

These are few samples. Prices of products are based on the design & kind of materials used. Greeting Cards starts from the range of Rs 50/- whereas Glass Paintings from Rs 500/- etc.

As far as sale is concerned it’s pretty uncertain. Sometimes orders are at its peak whereas other times it is plainly drought. Major sale since its establishment is made during the month of Dec 2010. But Zainab says, “She is absolutely fine with reasonable profit.” After all she is a strict follower of the words of Linus Torvalds, “Artists usually don’t make all that much money, and they often keep their artistic hobby despite the money rather than due to it.”

Since, at present Zainab has to manage her academic qualification as well, she is not in a position to give her 100% to her business. But she has some bright future plans. As we say, “What you can visualize, you can actualize.” Zainab too claims “Zainee Creations” to be one of the finest art & craft house. Currently  she is operating via  home, she is soon going to come up with her own “Zainee Creations Showroom”. But before that she has decided to sell her items to art galleries like Archies & Hallmark. Further she has decided to train other in Paper Quilling, Glass Painting & Lamasa Model Making. Not just this, she is also quite confident that she will earn a handsome amount of profit lately. As Goldbery says, “Trust in what you love, continue to do it & it will take you where you need to go”.

To conclude, I would narrate few words of “Ms. Zainab Khuzema Vohra”, “Art is my life, Try it, Adopt it & Enjoy it”.



Reference :

  • Address :

202/8, 604/12, Shree Shashwat, Pleasant Park, Mira Road (E), 401105.




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